Fruits, Vegetables, and “Fleeting” Friendships.

Hello Hello! Oh, how I’ve missed blogging over the past couple weeks! In short, summer session at Bogi ended, I travelled Rome and Paris {and Milan, accidentally} with my momma and brother, and in none of that time did I have Internet access. 😦 Oh! I did pass my German exit exams, with 100%! I have a couple more posts to share of my adventures, so let’s dive right in!

If someone were to stumble across this blog, they may be confused as to who it is about. One could be led to believe Maureen is the star of this show. Oh heck, call us co-captains!

This journey involved us heading back to Munich for the day. {Yep, it’s my favorite city.} I was bustling on outta there on the night train to Rome, so after saying goodbye to my friends at Bogenhofen {more on that later}, we embarked on a day trip.

First stop, Tushita- a vegan tea house with some pretty amazing food as well. It’s always a bit of an adventure attempting to order and communicate in another language. Heck, I hardly ever know what I want in English. In German, I just find a couple words like “Karroten” {carrot}, or “Erdbeer” {strawberrry} that sound safe, and point to it on the menu. Works out quite fantastically in most cases.

Above is the vegan strawberry kuchen Maureen ordered. She loved it, but that thing was chock full ‘o nuts, so I sure was glad I didn’t order it! I did order a green detox smoothie, though. A photo was taken, but due to the nasty nature of it’s taste, it will not be gracing my blog. Hopefully some pretty amazing detoxing went down in my colon.

My innards {what a nasty word} hued green, we ventured out to the streets, where a world of color awaited. Seriously, street markets like this just don’t exist in the U.S. At least not in Iowa.
I was utterly impressed. Of course, I had to get my photo taken in my natural environment. From one carrot to another, I greet you. You know how you drink those Sobes with flavors like “strawberry dragonfruit” and you feel like you’re drinking some mystical Unicorn fruit of the Gods? {Maybe that’s just me.} I had a huge lightbulb moment at the market when I found out fruits like that actually exist! Above are white plums and the elusive strawberry dragonfruit I’ve only previously drank in artificial flavorings! Of course, I payed about an hours wages for it, but it was dang good and I don’t regret it. And that was a run-on sentence.I love shopping about 10 billion times more than Maureen. That is to say, Maureen doesn’t really like shopping, and I love it more than I love my toes. Anyways, the point is, we really only hit up one store, but boy was it a store! It’s called “Glucklich”, which is like a crazy cool mashup of the words “lucky” and “happy”. This store made me feel both those things, as it was both hipster and edgy. I didn’t buy anything, but I did walk around taking pictures of all their cool books and displays.Whenever I stumble across an article touting the dangers of caffeine, I just quick close my eyes and exit the article. If it brings me this much joy, it can’t be wrong. Right? Maureen and I sat like lovebirds on these sweet roller wall chairs and took self-timer photos while people probably judged us. Oh well, the coffee was yummy in our tummies!

Hahaha! This page was in the older churchy town square, offering paper friends to those who need it. I partook.

A lot went into the making of this awesome photograph.Including this. The pains of a great photographer often involve lying on the cobblestone for ten minutes. I think. I don’t really know what being a great photographer’s like, actually.Next stop: some beautifully manicured gardens. {Every town’s got ’em!}This fountain was where Maureen and I had our final goodbye. She was headed back to Bogenhofen for a couple days. I, on the night train to Roma. My train didn’t leave for a couple hours, so I had to send her off, knowing we wouldn’t be reunited for a whole month! I’m only happy in this photo because I love water fountains, but my heart was hurting inside. {Just throwing some melodrama in for good measure}After our tearful goodbye, I shopped around solo for a couple hours before heading back to the train station. In this time, I had a strange experience with a guy who either really wanted to be my friend or was trying to rob me. I held my bag in a death grip throughout our awkward conversation and bolted at first chance. Also, I went to the pharmacy, where I really just wanted some good ‘ole Tylenol PM to knock me out for my 12 hour train ride. The lady at the counter, however, warded me away from “putting chemicals into my body” towards taking natural pills. {More on that later}

I made it back to the train station with 90 minutes to spare, just in case I had difficulty retrieving my bags or finding my platform. I didn’t, so I found myself sitting atop my bags, alone, for a very long time. By the time my train was scheduled to leave, my bladder was full to bursting, but I couldn’t abandon my bags! When a sign flashed, letting us know the train would be late, I knew I was in trouble. But when the sign flashed for the fourth time, I was in agony. I asked a conductor if he could watch my bags for just a moment, he was more than reluctant. I first charmed, then begged. Then ran. I finally boarded at 10 o’clock at night, and above you can see the tiny room I occupied for 12 hours.

Honestly, it was quite the miserable night’s sleep. After taking four of the “natural sleeping pills” {a.k.a., crap}, I still couldn’t sleep! I spent 1.5 hours watching the homeless people sleep while we stopped at a train station from 2-4 AM. All in all, I felt slightly adventurous throughout this journey, however, and it was entertaining to watch Italy speed by outside my window.

Above, you can see my nutritious breakfast… None of which actually occupied my stomach at any point. 

I’ll return with blog posts of my Rome and Paris trips within the next couple of days, but I have to rewind for a moment to my time at Bogenhofen.
The night before I left, I mentioned to a couple friends that I’d be leaving at 9 the next morning. When Maureen and I came out of the dorm with my suitcases, all of my closest friends were waiting on the steps to say goodbye. It was one of the sadder moments of my life, knowing I would likely never see some of these people again.
I’ve always been kind of an all-or-nothing person when it comes to friendship. {Or anything, really.} I was the awkward kid at camp who sent 2 page letters to the girls I’d shared a cabin with for a week. I’ve never really understood the concept of making casual friends. That said, I usually keep people at bay if I know we’re not going to be close friends. At Bogenhofen, however, this simply wasn’t possible. Jana, Brenden, and Daniel, Maureen, and I were practically made for each other! Here, I learned the importance of embracing those put in your life.
In some way, every friendship we form is fleeting. All will end, at some point. This is, however, something than can be enjoyed or learned from every relationship, no matter how short. From here on out, I’m abandoning any notion of holding people at bay, and instead letting each relationship be as awesome as it can, for as long as it can. Thank you all for being a part of my journey, and all the adventures to come!

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