Vienna, Part Zwei!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath… and here it is! Part two of my Vienna saga.

We started off the day with a little more castle-seeing. Belvedere castle, to be exact. Honestly, my biggest concern was getting a photo with those awesome clouds in the background. And… okay… I wore my favorite dress from Anthropologie. So that had to be photographed! šŸ™‚


I got this photo off the Internet because, as you read in the previous post, I forgot my camera battery. Inside, there was no furnishings; instead, it’s basically a giant art gallery. We spent literally 20 minutes inside. Hey, I have an appreciation for art. I just have a higher appreciation for vegan food and shopping, and that was next!

Being the little freaks we are, Maureen and I researched vegan restaurants ahead of time and booked it there as soon as the castle touring was over. Online, it had said the restaurant was difficult to find, so when it started raining on the way there, I was a bit concerned.

Of course, Maureen whipped out her umbrella, but I challenge anyone to try to fit two people under that thing. If we were two cuddling lovebirds, perhaps we could have made it work. As it was, I simply put up my hood and started booking it. First one way, then the other, then the first way again. Street signs are a luxury the city of Vienna apparently couldn’t afford, but nonetheless, we found Makro1 tucked into an adorable courtyard at the end of an alleyway. And then freaked out.

Adorable. Everyone basically sat together at this long, wooden table, and one of the super friendly chefs brought us hot plates of food before I could even get my coat off.

After trekking through the rain, a steaming plethora of essen” was a miracle to my soul. There was definitely some wheat berries/millet/barley/couscous action happening, with a touch of sweetness and liquid smoke. Ā I’m not even entirely sure what some of the vegetables were, but that’s entirely okay with me. They were delicious, and we both savored every. single. bite. {And there was cooked carrots, which is really all it takes to get this wayfarer going}Maureen loved the vegan chocolate cake, which actually had carob instead of chocolate. Pistachios dusted the outside, and Maureen couldn’t believe how each bite tasted different than the last. I tried it too- in one bite, I tasted sweet, bitter, earthy, and rich flavors… All in one!This is only the second or third time I’ve ordered coffee in Europe. On the bright side, I’m defeating my caffeine addiction. On the negative, when I did decide to treat myself last time, only one sip went into my body. The rest? Into the trash. This time, however, was entirely different. And awesome. {Yes, I did just use that word}. Soy milk and red beet sugar on the side? Yes, please.

These ladies probably thought we were crazy. Squealing with delight, jabbering in English, and then taking pictures of literally every second. Could we be any more touristy?

Yeah, I probably could. I even take pictures of stores… This is an example of what we’re dealing with when I say we go shopping. Europeans don’t mess around. Each shop looks like a miniature palace! This H&M had chandeliers and spiraling wooden stairs.Ā Successful? I’d say yes! Orange shorts… 9 Euros. Great jewelry… 3 Euros. Sparkly skirt… 30 Euros. Shopping with my besties… priceless! {That’s it. I’m calling Hallmark. Gettin’ myself a job.} I did miss my ultimate shopping partner, though, but luckily Momma Dearest will be joining me in Europe in just a week! Look out world!Daniel loves to take candid photos of everybody. If he can get a good laughing shot, he kind of hops up and down and shows everybody. It’s always quite strange for me to see myself in a candid way. When I was younger, I remember having this mind-blowing revelation {or what qualifies as a revelation for a 10 year-old} that I would never see myself through anyone else’s eyes. When looking into a mirror, I’ll strike a pose. When taking photos, I whip out my tried-and-true smile. Put a video camera on me, and I’ll start to ham it up.

Here’s my 20 year-old revelation: I’m glad I can’t watch myself. I’m glad none of us can. If I could, I would have fixed the way I look when I laugh a long time ago. If my mom could, she might try to “fix” the way her entire face expands when she bursts out laughing. My little brother might try to adopt a “swagger-guy walk”, rather than loping along deep in thought. And here’s the thing- I would just hate that. I would hate for any one of my friends to be too composed.

So bring me your snorting laugh, your crazy hand gestures, or the way you get food all over your face {oh wait, that’s me}. People may revere you for perfection, but they’ll love you for your oddities.

How odd. šŸ˜‰



5 thoughts on “Vienna, Part Zwei!

  1. Carol J Love your blogs and sharing your trip with us but will be glad when you are safely home and I can see that smile in person.


  2. Awhhh the shopping looks to die for! I would take pictures of that too šŸ™‚ I’m also glad you have so many pictures of food-in my language, that means you are in enjoying yourself. šŸ˜‰

  3. I can’t wait to see all the things in those shopping bags Cassie. By the way, I love every odd and charming thing about you!!!!! Have a marvelous time with Cody and your mom!

    • Thanks, Nancy! I’ll have to show you the new clothes and jewelry I got while I was there. I thought about how it would have been fun to shop with your girls there, getting deals at H&M and Forever21!

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