Vienna, Part Eins!

Hallo und willkommen to your virtual tour of Wien! See what I did there? Experimenting with a bit of language hopping. I tell ya, I’ve heard people claim Spanglish as a language, so I’m claiming Germanish. In fact, the reason I’ve been a bit lacking in the posting department is due to the utter smacking of homework I’ve been getting to prep for the exit exam. That’s right, in one week, I will be a registered German speaker.

           Alright, it’s only at the A1 level, but still. I was scribing an “E-mail” to a “friend” RSVPing to a birthday party just now when I realized, if I had to speak in this language, I would have no friends. After saying something along the lines of “I thank you for your invite. I congratulate you on your birthday”, (in German, of course) I went on to describe the carrot and onion dish I’d be bringing. I even informed her just how sehr sehr gut it would be. Hey, the name of the game was to get to 50 words. I had to get thrifty with a limited vocab. But I’m not entirely sure how I got invited to this party in the first place, with how weird a German I am.

Anywhoo! The point of this blog was to tell all about my weekend chilling in Vienna, Austria! Well, the first half of it, anyways. I had too many pictures for one post, so the rest will come tomorrow.

This trip was off to a disastrous start, I must admit. Upon hopping off a bus (after the street tram, which was after the Subway, which was after the train, which was after a 5 AM car ride), I was assaulted with a mass of attractive buildings. Whip out my camera, and ohh…

On the bright side, I remembered to charge my battery. On the dark side, I left it on the charger. In my room. So! All the gorgeous photos I have to show you were taken by mein Freund Brendan. Luckily, his camera is like mine, times ten. As evidenced by the panorama shot of the Parliament building above.

Next destination: walking through the gardens near Parliament. So, so beautiful.

Taking some time to stop and smell the roses 🙂

I’m so glad Brendan enjoys indulging us girls in many a photoshoot.

He’s a pro at alternating the focus from face to face.

Next, we walked to the city center, where this really famous cathedral is. At risk of sounding completely shallow, I must admit that I was more excited by the fact that there were 4 H&M’s, 2 Zara’s and a ginormous Forever 21 calling my name outside. In my defense, I’ve seen about 10 chapels/cathedrals, and only had the chance to shop twice. (Am I sounding any less dense? No? Oh well.)

A must-see place before you die: Schonbrunn Palace. Ten billion times cooler than Neuschwanstein. I promise.

Pictures were, once again, not allowed. That said, forgive me for the less-than-wonderful quality of these couple shots from inside. I had to hide my iPhone behind the audioguide.

Impeccable design, aided by the infamous “Sissi” (Empress Elisabeth), whom I immediately researched and identified with. She was taken to be married by Franz Joseph I at age 16, against her will. Although he adored her, she was fiercely independent and resistant to the strict duties and etiquette. Instead, she spent her time traveling the world, picking up languages along the way. She was revered throughout the area for her beauty, and this fascination was perpetuated by her elusive lifestyle. Love it. Love her.

We tried out our “Snobby Palace Folk” poses.

Those didn’t last long.

Seriously, these gardens were probably bigger than Central Park. People were going for jogs in them. I was dying to join.

Check out the view from the back, in the gardens. I’m not sure what the structure up on the hill is for, but it was quite nice on the eyes, so we gandered on up to it. 

And Brendy took more photos. Couples were lying in the grass all over on the hill, and I think all us girls agreed the view could only have been made more pleasurable with an attractive European on our arms.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Maureen and I had ice cream at a place called Eis Greissler. It really was an unintentionally magical moment. Earlier in the day, we had walked past a tiny ice cream parlor with a line down the block. All I could see inside was light blue walls, but I couldn’t help but wonder what set it apart from the hundreds of shops all over the city. At the end of the day, of course, I found myself at the end of this very line, convinced that there must be something special about this shop. There was. When we came close enough to read the flavors, clearly marked beside them was one word. Vegan. Maureen wasn’t even going to indulge in ice cream, but that word sparked her soul  Truffle and pear for us both= unending ravings for a couple hours.

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly if you know me at all), this was possibly the best part of my day. It’s the little things, you know? “Sissi” had palaces, unlimited funds for travel, and the admiration of nations. Yet before her death, she stated, “O’er thee, like thine own sea birds// I’ll circle without rest//For me earth holds no corner//To build a lasting nest.”

Perhaps all she needed was a vegan ice cream cone.


3 thoughts on “Vienna, Part Eins!

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  2. I love “Sissi” she seems exactly like you! I love the stories of women in history who did great things when popular culture forbade them their desired lifestyle. Yet they lived it anyway 🙂

    • That’s pretty much the best compliment ever! Haha I’m ashamed I’d never heard of her before this! I’ve made up for it in research since, though. I feel as though we all could have been friends 🙂

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