I’m Here to Study. {ha}

Guten Tag! Meine Mutter has issued a complaint in that she doesn’t see any studying happening in my photos.

So there you go. I laid by the pool and read German fashion magazines the other day. Ha! Good thing cool outfits require no translating…

A group of us trekked on over to a nearby pool the other day. After a few kilometers walk in 93 degree sun, the freezing water was a welcome relief! At only 1.90 Euro, it definitely wasn’t a bank breaker either 🙂

One of us (ahem, Brendan) slept in the sun nearly the entire afternoon. I was silly and didn’t bring a towel, so I lasted only a few minutes of lying in the grass before bugs attacked. Oh well! More time in the pool for me!

And what a pool it was! It was slightly reminiscent of the infinity pools I’ve seen on TV, that rich people in Beverly Hills have in their backyards. Or that the Modern Family people went to on their trip to Hawaii last season. (I hope someone understands my reference!) There was also these metal reclining bed things in the water with bubbles (like jets kind of) that squirted your booty and body. Maureen was a huge fan, and she made a friend while chilling in one. A little girl, probably only 3 years old, came up to her and started jabbering away in German. Maureen responded with a “Wie heiβt du?” (“What’s your name?”), and the girl didn’t seem to mind a bit that Maureen didn’t understand her. I think that’s the first time either of us felt confident enough to actually use our German. Maybe we should stick to conversing with children.

We somehow ended up all matchy-matchy on Sabbath, so of course that required some picture-taking. Small snippet: I nabbed this dress for $19 at Anthropologie right before the trip. Holla!

Hey hey hey, every day’s a happy day when you’re in Austria! Tonight we’re going out for supper for Jana’s birthday, and tomorrow we’re going to a High Ropes Course for the day (YAY!). Thursday is mini-golf, and Maureen is currently researching for our solo trip into Munich for Friday and Saturday. Then Sunday we’re all going to a concentration camp, which I’m sure will be incredibly eye-opening. All of this will be documented, I promise. I’ll post about the “Disney Castle” Thursday as well. Thanks for reading my ramblings!

{I’m running out of ways to say goodbye in German}


2 thoughts on “I’m Here to Study. {ha}

  1. Hey sweet child! Farm magazines wouldn’t require interpretation either ya know! Sounds like you have many adventures awaiting around the bend! Enjoy them! Love ya, miss ya!

  2. Happy Fourth of July Cassie! I can’t
    to wait to read about your trip to the “Disney Castle” and to Munich. We miss you and love you!

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