36 Hours in the Same Pink Pants

And… I’m here! After months of anticipation, days of packing, and hours of my butt in a plane seat, I’m in Austria. I’M ACTUALLY HERE! The trip was craziness, but I have to say the highlight was my run-in with airport security. As you can see, I had my hair in a big bun. In the airport, I was pulled aside by security so they could feel up my bun. Apparently, my hair really is large enough to house a missile!

This is my best friend/fearless travel companion Maureen! I’m so glad she’s with me for our journey. This would be ten times scarier alone.

Although the flight itself was about as awful as I’d expected, I must admit, I didn’t really attempt to sleep. Somehow, the Justin Bieber movie seemed exponentially more important.

I survived on some vegan snacks a la Whole Foods, and was able to completely avoid airport food! (This didn’t make it to Austria).

Anyways, after arriving in Munich, we had an hour of panic in which no one was there to pick us up, and we had no way to contact anyone. Eventually, a guy named Michael came, and he gave me a great impression of the people I’d get to meet here. He even drove out of the way to take us on an impromptu tour of a fortress/castle called Berghausen in Germany.

There we are, my trusty best pal Maureen and I! The two amigos. Or I guess I should say… Die beiden Freunde! (Thank you, Google Translate). I loved how all the buildings were painted such rainbow-y colors—America should take note!

Pretty giddy with happiness, I must say.

Here I am, thinking deep, pensive thoughts. Mostly involving my intense desire to join the swimmers in the gorgeous, clear river of joy below. (This is after a very long time without a shower)

As you can see, from my blogs main photo, we then drove across the river to take photos where you can actually see the whole castle we explored. Micheal pulled off a pretty sweet jumping shot, and I attempted to follow suit (Above).

Then Maureen did work.

Hahahahahaha! Okay, I’m done. It was great.

When we got to Bogenhofen in Austria, we basically ate, passed out, and ate again. I’m awestruck at how breathtaking the campus is—a blend of fanciness and charm. We’re taking the official tour tomorrow, so I’ll post pictures then. Maureen and I explored the area on a run after supper, along a river, past perfectly manicured houses, on a train track…(not recommended).

It’s strange, all this anticipation has been building, up to the crescendo of adrenaline throughout the past couple days, and now I’m here. And I found myself sitting in a cafeteria with unfamiliar faces speaking unfamiliar tongues. I have to admit, a small part of me couldn’t help but wish I were home, eating carrots with my momma. Getting out of my comfort zone proves challenging sometimes!

As I post this, I’m sitting in a small apartment I share with a super nice roommate (whom I just met). The window is open above my desk, and all I can hear is the wind in the trees. To embrace my melodramatic tendencies, I must admit, it sounds like an adventure brewing. I can’t wait to see what’s in store, but for now, I sleep. Wayfaring carrot, out.

Auf wiedersehen Adieu!



5 thoughts on “36 Hours in the Same Pink Pants

  1. It is so exciting to read your blog. I almost feel like I am there on the adventure with you. I love the pictures too! Enjoy every single minute!!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to read about all of your Austrian adventures! Hope you have a wonderful time and can’t wait to talk to you when you get back! 🙂

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